Automotive Machinist

The Automotive Machinist program is a 9-month career course structured to impart to students the knowledge and skills necessary to become a qualified automotive machinist.

Each student will learn by actually working on automotive, industrial and agricultural engines. Students will be taught all aspects of disassembly, inspection, remachining, and reassembly of an engine. They will learn how to determine if replacement parts are needed in an engine.

Students will operate a variety of automotive machine shop equipment to include valve grinders, cylinder boring bars, crankshaft grinders, rod honing machines , engine balancers, and cleaning equipment.

The basic principles of the internal combustion engine and general construction of the automotive engine are two of the main features of this curriculum.

Students will also be introduced to the basics of blue-print reading.

Students are also taught the use of precision measuring tools, (micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, ect.). These skills are useful in all automotive and machinist fields.


For the list of courses required in this program, click here to visit the program checksheets page.

For more information on this program, read the Gainful Employment Disclosure Information.


Gilbert Loper

  • Mississippi Delta Junior College
  • ASE Certification