Healthcare Data Technology

The Healthcare Data Technology program of study is designed to prepare students for employment in
physician offices, hospitals, outpatient facilities, mental health clinics, nursing home facilities and insurance companies. Healthcare Data is a two-year program of study which requires courses in the vocational-technical core, designated areas of concentration and academic core. A student entering this program in the spring semester may require an extra semester to complete the program. The Associate of Applied Science degree is earned upon the successful completion of the Healthcare Data curriculum.


For the list of courses required in this program, click here to visit the program checksheets page.



Carmen C. Brown

  • B.B.A., 1982 University of Mississippi
  • M.S.I.T., 2005 Mississippi State University

Amanda Hardin

  • B.B.A., 1989 Delta State University
  • M.B.A., 1991 Delta State University

Faye Stovall

  • A.A., Mississippi Delta Community College
  • B.B.A., 2001 Delta State University
  • M.B.A., 2003 Delta State University

Suzanne Thompson

  • B.S.E., 1995 Mississippi State University
  • M.S.I.T., 2004 Mississippi State University