Office Systems Technology

The Office Systems Technology program of study provides training in administrative office procedures, integrated computer applications, business financial systems, communication, and related technologies.

Admission Requirements
Students must submit a composite score of 14 or higher on the Enhanced ACT. A minimum ACT score of 14 is also required on the Mathematical usage and Reading sections. Students 21 years old and older, who do not have an ACT score, must score at the 10th grade level or higher on the TABE.

Students having no experience on the keyboard (35 net words per minute or less) should take BOT 1013 – Introduction to Keyboarding. If they test out at 35 net words per minute or more, they may take BOT 1113 – Document Formatting and Production. Credit can be awarded for advanced placement in BOT 1123 Keyboard Skill Building.

Students who are returning to the program after an absence of a semester or more must graduate under the current catalog because of curriculum changes in regard to computer application programs. Office Systems Technology is a two year program but students entering in the spring may take two and a half years to complete the program.


For the list of courses required in this program, click here to visit the program checksheets page.



Carmen C. Brown

  • B.B.A., 1982 University of Mississippi
  • M.S.I.T., 2005 Mississippi State University

Amanda Hardin

  • B.B.A., 1989 Delta State University
  • M.B.A., 1991 Delta State University

Faye Stovall

  • A.A., Mississippi Delta Community College
  • B.B.A., 2001 Delta State University
  • M.B.A., 2003 Delta State University

Suzanne Thompson

  • B.S.E., 1995 Mississippi State University
  • M.S.I.T., 2004 Mississippi State University