Adult Education


The Adult Education program is available for all adults who have less education than a high school diploma, or lack the level of literacy skills required for productive employment. The Adult Education instruction offers adults the opportunity to prepare for high school equivalency, college entrance, career-technical education, employment, and/or promotion on the job. The classes are free of charge with no cost for books and other materials. Individuals advance at their own rate of speed using materials designed for the adult. Traditional textbook instruction is combined with individualized computer-based instruction and tutoring.

Preparation for the High School Equivalency Test includes the subject areas of writing skills/English, mathematics, literature and the arts, science, and social studies.

This tuition-free program is available to adults who are 18 years or older and are not enrolled in school.

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For more information, contact us at 662.246.6516.


Department Contacts

Teresa Smith, Adult Education Coordinator

JoAnn Tisdale, Instructor

Gabby Hays, Instructor

Scholarship Program

In an effort to encourage graduates of the Adult Education program to continue their education, Mississippi Delta Community College provides tuition scholarships for courses.

Adult Education graduates are eligible to receive their first college-credit course free of charge. Students will be expected to purchase their own books and supplies.

The opportunity for a course scholarship is extended on a one-time basis only; thus, if a student does not successfully complete the course, he/she is not eligible for a second course scholarship.

Applications for the Adult Education college course scholarship are distributed to Adult Education graduates by the Chief Examiner of the High School Equivalency Testing Center at MDCC. A desire to enroll in a college course at MDCC is the primary requirement for obtaining this scholarship.

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Additional information regarding the Adult Education course scholarship is available by calling the Financial Aid Office at 246-6263.

High School Equivalency Test

Mississippi Delta Community College is authorized by the Mississippi Community College Board to offer the High School Equivalency Test.

MDCC offers the GED High School Equivalency Test along with the HiSet High School Equivalency Test. Both brands of tests offer computer-based testing, however, HiSet offers paper-based testing as well as computer-based testing for the High School Equivalency. High School Equivalency Tests consist of content-area tests in writing and reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. The tests also measure communication, information-processing, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills. A rigorous exam, this battery of tests measures the outcomes and skills of a four-year program of secondary education in the core content areas of U.S. and Canadian high school curricula.

It is recommended that all individuals interested in taking the High School Equivalency Test, attend an Adult Education/HSE class.

For more information concerning High School Equivalency testing, please contact Teresa Smith at 662-246-6572 or


To Apply

  • Go online to or There you will follow the steps to register to take the High School Equivalency tests as well as pay the testing fees.

Mississippi Delta Community College follows the State Policies in administering the High School Equivalency Tests.