Career-Technical Programs

Career Programs

The programs of study listed under the career curricula provide one or two years of career education and skills training. All students that have completed career programs should obtain employment at the apprentice level.

Industry's demand for skilled labor created the need for development of career training programs. Mississippi's movement toward industrialization carries with it the demand that a segment of the population secure the skills necessary to meet the needs of industry. Mississippi Delta Community College has assumed the responsibility of offering such training programs for the counties it serves: Bolivar, Humphreys, Issaquena, Leflore, Sharkey, Sunflower and Washington.

Technical Programs

The programs of study listed under the technical curricula provide two years of education and training which provide skills and knowledge for entry into the job market. All courses are college level courses. Students desiring to transfer to another institution should consult with that institution for advisement.

Students applying for admission in technical education must meet the same admission requirements as academic students. For some programs, special admission requirements are listed along with program descriptions.

Due to accreditation requirements, the curricula, course offerings and course content may change. It is imperative that each student discuss course selection with an advisor each semester. Every effort will be made to assure that each student will be allowed the opportunity to gain adequate knowledge and skill within the time frame of the program.



Interim Director of Career, Technical and Adult Education

Administrative Assistant


Special Populations

Special Populations instructors provide tutorial and developmental services to students who have been identified through assessment. In addition, Special Pops instructors assist students in the achievement and mastery of necessary skills and objectives required for them to be successful in their career-technical programs. Employability training with emphasis on resume writing, completing job applications, and job interviewing skills are also provided services.