The Health and Physical Education Department


The Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department is committed to providing leadership in the broad fields of Health and Sport Sciences. Embracing Exercise, Health, Nutrition, Leisure, and Sport, faculty members provide students with top-quality, innovative and relevant educational experiences. A student combines General Education, Health, Physical Education and Activity course work to complete the program of study during his/her two-year study at MDCC. We offer all of the HPR classes during the fall and spring on the main campus and the satellite campuses. Some summer courses are offered as well as some evening courses and/or online courses through MSVCC.

MDCC's Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department provides students with a basic understanding of the science behind physical fitness and enables students to implement effective fitness programs. The Department also provides students with a basic preparation to help meet challenges within the Health, Physical Education and Recreation profession. For students completing the course work opportunities are numerous. When students continue their study in higher education, doors open within hospital based wellness centers and corporate fitness/wellness centers. The department provides basic courses for students wishing to work as Coaches, Health, and Physical Educators in an education setting, fitness instructors, dance instructors, exercise specialists, directors or managers of recreation, wellness, and fitness centers in hospitals, or in corporate or government settings. Students also can pursue careers in strength and conditioning for fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Students are encouraged to work within the department to gain experience in a variety of areas, such as Athletic Training, Athletic Management, Equipment Management, Field Maintenance, Intramurals, Sports Video Technology, and Sport Statistics. Students are encouraged to participate in one or more of these internships within the Health and Physical Education Department.

The mission of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation focuses on 1) developing awareness and understanding of the various benefits associated with exercise, health, nutrition sport and dance; 2) graduating students who are capable of fulfilling leadership roles in the education, exercise, health, nutrition, leisure, and sport industries in highly diverse communities; 3) providing an understanding of exercise, health, nutrition, sport related issues; and 4) providing a workforce to local and communities.


Burnadette McDonald
Department Chair
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Vanessa Farrell
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Jeff Tatum
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Scott Anderson
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