08 Apr 2014

Steinriede Fund Benefits Faculty, Students

Grant-funded lab kits enhance hands-on learning

A grant from the Robert W. Steinriede Faculty and Staff Development Fund at Mississippi Delta Community College is helping one biology instructor better explain scientific principles through experiential learning.

Developed in 2013, the first-ever privately funded faculty and staff development fund was created through the MDCC Development Foundation, Inc. The program provides MDCC's faculty and staff with the opportunity to develop projects that support the educational mission of MDCC. Faculty and staff at the college review applications for the funds.

As one of the fund's first grant recipients, Dr. Ioana I. Dinu will use the grant she received from the Robert W. Steinriede Faculty and Staff Development Fund to purchase genetics kits for her classes at the Greenville Higher Education Center (GHEC) in Greenville, Miss. Dinu says the kits will enhance students' learning experiences and their access to practical experimentation.

"This project implements a range of laboratory procedures for hands-on practical experimentation and demonstration of scientific principles of cellular and molecular biology and genetics," says Dinu. "We propose to enhance the student learning experience through practical simulation laboratory activities demonstrating cell division and genetic recombination."

The newly purchased genetics kits will provide Dinu's MDCC students with hands-on learning opportunities during the instruction of genetic inheritance patterns, including the genetics of blood types. Students also will learn the basics of DNA fingerprinting, as well as the characteristics of plant and animal cells.

The ongoing project benefits first and second-year college students enrolled in MDCC's introductory biology courses.

For more information about the Robert W. Steinriede Faculty and Staff Development Fund, or how you can support it, please contact Reed Abraham at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 662-246-6373.