13 Aug 2013

MDCC Announces New Pilot Program: Fast Track

Mississippi Delta Community College is piloting a new program this fall titled Fast Track, which will provide students with low ACT or no ACT score the opportunity to progress through remedial courses more quickly. Students completing the Fast Track program will begin the academic transfer or career technical classes sooner. Beginning this fall, MDCC will accept approximately 25 students for the one semester Fast Track program.
   Mrs. Dawn Herring, MDCC Division Chair and Instructor, hopes that the new program will enable students to graduate in a more timely manner. "Students would start at 8:00 and be finished at 2:00 each day," said Herring. "Students in the program would enroll in remedial English, Reading, Math and Improvement of Study courses. Hopefully, in the spring, students would be ready to begin Comp I and other academic classes."
   Each student in the program will be assigned a navigator who will help them set realistic long and short term goals, improve their time management skills, communicate better with instructors, and maintain academic success. Instructors involved in the program will use a variety of teaching strategies and critical thinking skills to reach students. Fast Track classes will meet every day and last for eight weeks, giving students a more systematic and structured learning process. The Fast Track program focuses on educating the whole student, from advising, instructing, and tutoring. For more information about the Fast Track program, contact Mrs. Herring at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 662-246-6386. Visit us online at www.msdelta.edu or call 662-246-6322.