13 Aug 2013

Resolution Honoring Mrs. Bonnie Horton

WHEREAS, Bonnie Horton, has faithfully, steadfastly and loyally served Mississippi Delta Community College for 6 years, 2008–2013,  as a member of the Board of Trustees; and
     WHEREAS, during her time on the Board of Trustees, the enrollment of Mississippi Delta Community College has seen a steady increase in students to over 3,000 students; and
     WHEREAS, during that same time the number of faculty and staff who teach and serve those students has grown to more than 200 full-time employees; and
     WHEREAS, during her tenure on the Board, the physical plant has grown to include a renovated student services/fine arts complex, a new women’s dorm, the renovation of the J.T. Hall Coliseum, and the expansion of the Greenville Higher Education Center, as well as the Centers in Greenwood and Drew, and
     WHEREAS, she has helped preside over the administrations of  Dr. Larry G. Bailey, Dr. Lynda Steele and Dr. Larry Nabors,
     THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the members of the Board of Trustees of Mississippi Delta Community College, in meeting assembled, that this Board, and the officers and members thereof, express their deep appreciation for the contributions of Bonnie Horton, to this board and to Mississippi Delta Community College; be it further resolved that this resolution be spread upon the official records of the Mississippi Delta Community College Board of Trustees and a copy presented to her family.This resolution unanimously adopted this the 8th day of August, 2013.

MDCC Board Of Trustees Members
Paula S. Sykes, Chairman
Fletcher Clark, Vice-Chairman
Katherine Tankson, Secretary
Sam Abraham
Lawrence Browder
Frank Dantone
Mrs. Maurine Gray
Herbert Hargett
Dr. Peter Jackson
Robert “Shorty” Jones
Dr. Viola Williams McCaskill
Mrs. B.J. Nichols
Mrs. Martha Sibley
Mrs. Paula S. Sykes
Mrs. Katherine Tankson
Mrs. Julia B. Thomas
Mickey Thompson
Clifford Wilson