31 Aug 2016

Webster named VP of Instruction

teresa webster

When Teresa Webster entered her freshman year of college at Mississippi Delta, she knew she wanted to teach. She liked her high school business courses so she decided at the urging of her brother to combine the two loves and majored in business education. From then on she never looked back.

After finishing her bachelor’s degree, Webster taught for over four years at Southern Baptist Educational Center (SBEC) in Olive Branch.

In 1991, she came back to MDCC as a Career and Technical instructor and also started pursing a master’s degree in educational administration and supervision with emphasis in Computer Information Systems. After completing her master’s, she began teaching academic computer classes.

Webster just wrapped up her 25th year as an instructor here. She begins her 26th year with a new title – Vice President of Instruction. She is filling the shoes of Carol Walden who retired this summer.

“Carol really prepared me and because I have been here so long I’m very familiar with all of the processes,” says Webster.

A large part of the job is advising and making sure students are taking the correct classes, whether online or in the classroom, and that they have enough hours.

E-learning has become a large part of how students attend college and having served as eLearning Coordinator for four years, Webster sees it as a way to accommodate students with a busy life schedule.

“E-learning is just a wonderful opportunity for those who are working full-time, and it’s an opportunity to catch those who have slipped through the cracks,” says Webster.

“It allows them to get the education they have maybe always wanted, and it allows them to do it in their own time.”

Along with the new title comes a new level of stress, but Webster has a few hobbies to combat it. She enjoys cooking, sewing, playing the piano, and competitive pistol shooting. It’s something her and her husband have enjoyed doing together in the past and do mostly for fun now.

Two of the biggest issues Webster intends to work to solve are retention and to make sure people understand the college is here to serve everyone.

“I want to see anybody succeed who wants to succeed, says Webster.

“I want to be there for them and I want our faculty to be there for them. I think we are all on board with that.”