12 Nov 2013

Electrical Utility Lineman Rodeo

Mississippi Delta Community College recently hosted the Electrical Utility Lineman Rodeo on the Moorhead campus. The lineman rodeo is a competition and skills demonstration between the trainees, and is popular with family members, potential trainees, and is heavily attended by potential employers. Students competing are enrolled in the Electrical Utility Lineman Training Program.

The workforce training program is rigorous and intensive. It is a 16-week, hands-on program that prepares individuals for entry-level positions as linemen. In addition to perfecting their climbing skills, participants become proficient in various other lineman skills, while making safety their top priority. Trainees learn skills such as making connections of meter loops, transformers, transformer banking and other equipment on de-energized poles, along with framing and installation of poles and apparatus on the ground.

Registration is now open for the MDCC Electric Utility Lineman training program. The next lineman training course begins January 2014. The application and all supporting documentation must be submitted by Thursday, December 5, 2013. Those interested should call the MDCC Capps Technology Center at (662)887-2876 or visit the website to view an informational video and download the application at www.thecappscenter.com .