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The Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) is a consortium of 15 Mississippi Community Colleges. Through MSVCC, students may take courses from community colleges anywhere in Mississippi while getting support services from MDCC. These services include advisement, counseling, financial aid, and learning resources.

For more information about MDCC's eLearning Department, view our brochure.

To access eLearning Online Classes, use Canvas.

The web address for Canvas is msdelta.instructure.com.  Please bookmark it, so you can quickly and easily log into your courses.

The eLearning computer lab is located in Horton 129B and is available for students who are enrolled
in eLearning courses.



Spring Regular Session classes begin January 17, 2017.
An MDCC student may not officially withdraw from an online regular session class until March 18, 2017.
The last day to officially withdraw from a regular session class affecting other schools is April 3, 2017.*
The last day to officially withdraw from an MDCC regular session class is April 19, 2017, and the student has not taken the final exam.

*Note: By waiting until this date, you may still be assessed fees for the course.

To view eLearning Policies and Procedures, click on the link below:
MDCC eLearning Policy Manual