Why Online?

Learn from the comfort of your own home.
Courses are available anytime anywhere with internet access.
Offer flexibility with your work schedule.
Gain real-world computer skills that also promote life-long learning.

Are Online Classes Right for You?

Online classes are not for everyone. An online student is: self-motivated, responsible, independent, and organized. It is important that you have a personal/mobile computer at home and that you check your class and email daily.

Before registering for online classes, please take the SmarterMeasure Assessment to determine if online classes are suited to you. This is a web-based tool which assesses a learner's likelihood for succeeding in an online classroom environment. SmarterMeasure indicates the degree to which an individual student possesses attributes, skills and knowledge that contribute to success in online learning.

The seven components of SmarterMeasure are:
Individual Attributes - motivation, procrastination, willingness to ask for help, etc.
Life Factors
Learning styles
Technical Competency
Technical Knowledge
On-screen Reading Rate and Recall
Typing Speed and Accuracy
Please set aside a few minutes to check your "online readiness!" To take the assessment, you will log in as a first time user with the following credentials: User name msdeltacc and password is 38761. Then you will be asked to supply student information to create a secure future log in. Click the following link to begin: SmarterMeasure.

What You Need To Participate
In Online Instruction
Browser Information and Software Upgrades
Dealing With Dates
Email Information
How To Submit "Word Documents"
How Do I Get My Books?
Username And Password Problems
Attendance Policies and Requirements
Pop-up Stoppers
How Do I Withdraw From A Course?