**Current and Prospective students MUST contact an advisor for your major prior to enrolling in MSVCC classes**


MDCC e-Learning courses require a minimum of 2 (two) proctored exams.  A proctored exam is a supervised test that students will take at an approved site.

DON'T OVERLOAD YOURSELF. If this is your first time enrolling in a e-Learning course, be forewarned that these courses require a lot of work.

1. Students MUST follow the college admission guidelines before registering.
2. Students MUST use their MDCC student email for their e-Learning courses.

  • For MDCC student email information click HERE
3. Students WILL NOT be able to log into their course site until the first day of class.  Class log-in directions for your e-Learning course(s) will be sent to your MDCC student email the weekend prior to the beginning of the course.

4. Students may enroll in a maximum of 18 hours during a semester.

This 18-hour limit may include campus courses, e-Learning courses, and off-campus courses. Any courses over this limit must be approved by the Vice President of Instruction.

5. For a complete listing of e-Learning courses click HERE

6. Make use of our Advisory Service before selecting courses. This service will insure you in choosing courses that are pertinent to your major.

  • For information about Academic Programs click HERE
  • For information about Health Science Programs click HERE
  • For information about Technical Programs click HERE
7. For Textbooks and Supplies students may contact the MDCC Bookstore.

  • For information about the MDCC Bookstore click HERE
8. YOU ARE NOT OFFICIALLY ENROLLED in your e-Learning courses until you see them listed on your MDCC class schedule. Your MSVCC student profile is different from your MDCC class schedule.  Students may check their MDCC class schedule by logging into My Banner.

  • For information about My Banner click HERE
9. If you need to make changes to your e-Learning course(s), you must contact your advisor or the MDCC Counseling Center (246-6454).

10. Your MDCC student ID number is 9 digits starting with a "D". New students should have received a student ID number from an Advisor or in a letter from Admissions. If you don't know your ID, use your Social Security Number to log into Banner and check. 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 662-246-6361