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Delta Fit Committee

Janet Cooper, MDCC MLT Director and Instructor
Miskia Davis, Superintendent of Sunflower County Consolidated School District
Sheila Grogan, Executive Director of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation
Mayor George Holland, Mayor of Moorhead, MS
Brandi Johnson, South Sunflower County Hospital Representative
Dr. Rosemary Lamb, MDCC Associate VP for Institutional Effectiveness
Marsha Lee, MDCC Vice President of Business Services
Leigh Lovelace, Chair and Delta Fit Coordinator
Dr. Larry Nabors, MDCC President
Glenn Newson, Principal of Moorhead Central
Dr. Ed Rice, MDCC Vice President of Student Services
Jamie Scrivener, MDCC Public Relation and Sports Information Director
Corey Smith, Delta Fit Assistant Coordinator, MDCC Director of Special Events, Nutrition Instructor 
Paula Rounsaville, MDCC ADN Nursing Instructor 
Traci Thompson, MDCC ADN Nursing Instructor
Shelia Waldrup, Sunflower County Economic Development Representative