2015 PBI Grant Program

MDCC has been funded through the U.S. Department of Education Predominately Black Institution’s Grant Program to improve the educational outcomes of African American males through the implementation of the Integrated Student Success Initiative (Student Success). Additionally, MDCC has been funded to increase postsecondary access, affordability, and completion of African American males and to improve teacher effectiveness through professional development growth for secondary and postsecondary instructors. MDCC has been funded $600,000 annually for five years to fund the Integrated Student Success Initiative.

The program will identify and address black males’ challenges related to poverty, academic unpreparedness, lack of academic and social integration into the education system, low levels of meaningful student engagement, retention issues, and low levels of achievement. Through participation in Student Success, black males will have access to an online student success credit course, educational materials, technology, tutoring, academic advising, counseling, mentoring, career preparation, and cultural awareness services. An online early alert and advising system will provide a means for advisors, counselors, and PBI staff to help black males stay on track and persist to graduation.

Primary objectives of the Integrated Student Success Initiative are as follows: 

  1. Increase the overall enrollment of black male students to 30% by 2020
  2. Increase the Integrated Student Success Initiative participants’ course completion rates with passing grades, from 65% to 75% by fall 2020
  3. Increase the Integrated Student Success Initiative participants’ overall persistence rates in classes each semester from 18% to 50% by fall 2020
  4. Increase the percentage of black male graduates from the 122 to 185 by 2020
  5. Increase the overall use of e-learning center services and academic resources to 87% of participants
  6. Reduce class withdrawal rates of program participants to 20% or less each semester.


Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation Grant

MDCC was recently awarded a $458,150 grant from the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation to implement the Delta FIT Health and Wellness Initiative (Delta FIT) on the Moorhead Campus. This grant will allow MDCC to fulfill its mission of improving the community by helping to ameliorate the health disparities that plague the Mississippi Delta.

The Delta FIT Initiative anticipates promoting healthy nutrition and physical fitness through a number of programs and services for MDCC students, employees, and the community.

Through the implementation of Delta FIT, the College plans to accomplish the following goals:

  1. PROMOTE HEALTH AND WELLNESS: MDCC will promote health and wellness by creating the Delta FIT Health and Wellness Center on the Moorhead campus, establishing a Delta FIT Trail adjacent to the Center, and enhancing the student workout room.
  2. PROMOTE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: To promote a healthy lifestyle, MDCC will provide ongoing nutrition and wellness opportunities. MDCC will create an online orientation course for incoming students with a Delta FIT healthy and wellness component.
  3. PROVIDE COMMUNITY OUTREACH: MDCC will provide community outreach by offering healthcare screenings and services, partnering with Rosser Elementary School, and sponsoring a Delta FIT summer camp for grades three through five.