Hall of Fame

Nathan Peacock, Class of 1956

Induction Class of 2003
Football & Track

Nathan Peacock played football for SJC as a running back and track star. When his National Guard unit was mobilized, Peacock’s senior year of high school was cut short in January 1951, by the Korean War. He spent the next two years playing linebacker for the Camp Atterbury Army Post football team. In 1953 Peacock came to Sunflower Agricultural High School to finish his senior year. Since he was too old to play high school ball, he played as a freshman on the SJC team where he was the center on offense and a linebacker on defense helping the Trojans to a 3-7-1 season. In 1954 he returned to his running back position, still as a freshman, and remained as a linebacker on defense. That year the Trojans went 7-3 and were invited to play in the Lion’s Bowl. During his sophomore year, the speedy fullback and linebacker helped the Trojans go 9-1 during the regular season. Delta outscored its opponents 215 to 48, losing only to Southwest Junior College 13-0, and was invited to play in the first-ever Mississippi Hospitality Bowl. Peacock was a member of the “S” Club. He specialized in the 880 yard run and the mile relay; and in 1854, the Trojans mile relay team set a state record.

After finishing college, Peacock owned and operated a service station in Greenville for 13 years before becoming the personnel manager of Pillsbury Towing Company. He retired in 1990.

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