(L to R) Dawn Ferguson,
Mary Ellen Buchanan

Mary Ellen Buchanan, Data Entry/Clerical Assistant – 
"I have completed the Associate of Arts degree in 
Office Systems Technology from Mississippi Delta 
Community College. My role as Data Entry/Clerical 
Assistant at the Capps Center is entering data to 
document business and industry training, serving as support for the administrative assistant, and 
performing as the ACT Center Testing Proctor 
adhering to all security measures and high-stakes testing procedures." 
mbuchanan@msdelta.edu • 662-887-2876, ext. 12

Dawn Ferguson, Administrative Assisant
 – "I have achieved a B.S. in Education from Delta State University. My title at the Capps Technology Center is Administrative Assistant to the Director of Workforce Education, although I pride myself with the title of CHO (Chief Happiness Officer). I believe a pleasant working environment is vital to our success. My day to day goal is to maintain the integrity of operations through the detailed data entry of all business and industry training documentation. Another very important aspect of my job is to help coordinate the scheduled activities and training at the Capps Center."
dferguson@msdelta.edu • 662-887-2876, ext. 10

 (L to R) Christy Middleton, John Conrad and Tonya Rice

Tonya Rice, Workforce Development 
– "After completing my Master of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health with emphasis in Industrial Hygiene, I began work in industry as a safety professional. While in industry, I earned my Professional in Human Resources certification (PHR). I also earned a Lead Auditor certificate in Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and Internal Auditor certificate in Quality Management Systems (TS 16949/ISO 9001).  With my 13 years of industry experience, I am able to guide my business partners in training decisions relating to human resources and environmental, safety and health. My overall work objective is to ensure that our local businesses have access to training resources that will sustain a quality workforce."
trice@msdelta.edu • 662-887-2876, ext. 15

John Conrad, Workforce Development Coordinator –"I have lived in this area for over 35 years and attended Delta State University finishing with a MBA. I have worked in retail, service, and industrial sectors. Through my experience, I recognize our greatest resource is our people; we have individuals who are willing and ready to learn new skills. These individuals are competing in the global economy today. If we are not learning new skills and adopting to the changing marketpace, we are falling behind.  Today's worker is taking on more responsibilities as companies run leaner to maintan their competitive edge. A workforce training plan allows adults to master subjects and gain the knowledge that will help them at their current occupation or see new opportunities and advancement. I hope to take my experience to the next level and help organizations understand their investment in employee training will exceed the time and cost to implement it. Increasing the skills of our workforce will make us more competitive, create opportunities through business expansion, and attract new businesses to our area."
jconrad@msdelta.edu • 662-887-2876, ext. 14

Christy Middleton, Workforce Development Coordinator - "I have a long work history in the Medical field.  I originally began working in hospital’s Admissions Department while in college completing my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.  Once I graduated from college, I worked as a Marketing Assistant for the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau in North Carolina.  I later moved to Madison, Wisconsin.  I then worked in University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in the Admissions department.  I later began working as Transplant Financial Advisor for the Transplant team." cmiddleton@msdelta.edu • 662-887-2876, ext. 13

 Kimberley Gatewood

Kimberley Gatewood, WIA Counselor/Rapid Response Coordinator – "I am enthused to travel to the various WIN Job Centers in the area on a weekly basis to provide customers with information on the many training opportunities available through the Capps Technology Center. I also enjoy informing students of the funding opportunities available through the WIA grant and administering the Career Readiness Certificate test- both of which provides employment opportunities for residents in the Delta area. A part of my duties also involves recently laid off individuals through the coordination of the Rapid Response program in hopes of helping them to "rapidly" gain employment by utilizing any/all of the services offered through the Capps Technology Center."

kgatewood@msdelta.edu • 662-887-2876, ext. 17 

Dru Morgan
 Dru Morgan

Dru Morgan, Director, Workforce Education – "Through the Capps Technology Center services, we can give you easy access to resources that will help you implement a proven process for sustainable performance improvement.

Consider this four-step process: 
• Talent identification – your application and selection process. Consider using the ACT 
WorkKeys® nationally recognized Career 
Readiness Certificate (CRC) system, the statewide initiative to document the skills of Mississippi's workforce.

• Pre-Hire skills determination – abbreviated training sessions so your company can evaluate performance before hiring.

• Incumbent worker job specific training - upgrading skills to move to an advanced level of performance and strategic planning to prepare workers for the next phase of business operations. 

• Performance evaluation and impact analysis. After training, did you achieve the outcomes you expected? What impact did the training and performance change provide for your company?

Our Capps Technology Center workforce team will listen to you and work with you 
to support the strategies that work best for your organization.

dmorgan@msdelta.edu • 662-887-2876, ext. 19

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