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Access the video link developed by the Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB) for an overview of workforce training resources and services.


The training we offer at the Capps Technology Center is extensive and customized to meet specific business needs. Training is provided on a cost-share basis. The primary funding partner is the Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB). We access all available resources for eligible training. Just a few examples of the training we have provided include: 

capps-customized-business--industry-training 04   Industrial Training
• Industrial Maintenance
• OSHA-Specific
• Process Control
• Quality Systems
• Safety
• Manufacturing Technology
capps-customized-business--industry-training 06   Professional 

• Banking
• Healthcare
• Human Resources
• Management
• Customer Service
• Pharmacy Technician Certification Program
  capps-customized-business--industry-training 11 Technical Training
• Programmable Logic Controls
• Fiber Optic Technology
• Hydraulics
• Pneumatics
• Robotics
• Electric Utility Linemen

jt-capp   Workforce Development Coordinators
Our Workforce Development Coordinators will work closely with you to identify the types of training you need. We develop the training programs only after extensive collaboration with you and experts from your organization.

 (L to R) Christy Middleton, John Conrad, and Tonya Rice


Dear Manufacturers,

I invite you to apply today to be a part of the Make It in America grant program through MS Delta Community College.

The grant program will expand MDCC's successful internship

program and will accelerate the development of critical manufacturing skills across the region.

High-performing students in their final semesters at MDCC are eligible to participate as interns with manufacturing partners through this grant program. The grant will fund the internship.

MDCC's division of Career-Technical Education is facilitating the process for manufacturers to recruit high-performing interns from these career-technical programs: Electrical Technology, Electronic Technology, Automotive Technology, Computer Networking and

Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning.

The number of interns is limited by the grant, and this is open to manufacturers in all seven counties of MDCC's service area. Please review the attached flyer and contact Christi Gregory for an application as soon as you can!

Best regards,

Dru Morgan

Director, Workforce Education

MDCC/Capps Technology Center

Make It In America Internship

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  The Capps Technology Center must meet certain qualifications to offer training 
and certifications that are recognized nationally. Our subject matter experts 
complete extensive train-the-trainer sessions to achieve authorization to deliver 
this specialized training and service to our clients.

Additional sessions we sponsor result in certifications awarded by the training 
provider – First Aid/CPR/AED/Bloodborne pathogens by American Red Cross, 
OSHA, specialized healthcare re-certifications, American Welding Society (AWS), 
and insurance CEU's. Please contact the Capps Technology Center to discuss your 
certification goals.

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  "Whether you are talking about assisting existing employers and employees in 
the region, or attracting new opportunities, the services provided by the Capps 
Center are the fundamental piece to the puzzle. The results that companies 
achieve by working with the Capps Center speak for themselves. It is critical that 
we continue to focus intensely on workforce training issues that are fundamental 
to the economic vitality of the Mississippi Delta, and MDCC's Capps Center is 
leading the charge."

  – Frank Howell

"As a result of the technical training on the newly installed equipment at Mars 
Foods, US in Greenville, the technicians now have the tools to identify any faults 
quickly and take the necessary actions to get them back in service in a timely 
manner. This training has positively impacted machine/process downtime, 
improved production capabilities, quality, and reduced waste. All are critical 
aspects needed for our business. Having a strong relationship with Mississippi 
Delta Community College allows us to improve the skill sets of our associates and 
this is a valuable partnership."

  – Renea M. Weathington | Manager, People & Organization
“We are very pleased with our partnership with MDCC and The Capps Technology Center regarding workforce training needs.  Clinical shortages affect everyone in the Delta. When we reach out to the Capps Technology Center to assist us with solutions, they immediately get the wheels rolling. They understand the importance of offering relevant workforce training applicable to a hospital setting.  With the Center’s assistance, our employees benefit from the expertise of varied nursing/clinical personnel, and new employees have the opportunity to gain valuable clinical knowledge and skills.”

Ben Bufkin | Human Resource Director

920 Hwy. 82 West | Indianola, Mississippi 38751 | 662.887.2876

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