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  Employees from Delta area industries and residents from our community fill a 
variety of open enrollment workforce training classes offered by the Capps Technology Center. Industry employees, small business employees, and individuals seek out these classes to improve their skills so they can perform their work at a higher level and to attain industry recognized certifications.

The workforce development coordinators at the Capps Technology Center make 
every effort to provide industry-requested training in these consortiums. By 
coordinating the training with MDCC instructors and qualified adjunct instructors 
from industry, they can provide quality training at an affordable price close to home.

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Our Workforce Development Coordinators will work closely with you to identify the types of training you need. We develop the training programs only after extensive collaboration with you and experts from your organization.

(L to R) Christy Middleton, John Conrad, and Tonya Rice

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  The Capps Technology Center must meet certain qualifications to offer training and certifications that are recognized nationally. Our subject matter experts complete extensive train-the-trainer sessions to achieve authorization to deliver this specialized training and service to our clients.

Additional sessions we sponsor result in certifications awarded by the training provider – First Aid/CPR/AED/Bloodborne pathogens by American Red Cross, OSHA, specialized healthcare re-certifications, American Welding Society (AWS), and insurance CEU's. Please contact the Capps Technology Center to discuss your certification goals.


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