Training Impact Statistics


The latest reports provided by MSU-NSPARC and MDES show impressive employment and wage statistics for trainees who complete training through the Capps Technology Center.  These reports show workforce training provides positive results for the trainee, improved job performance for the company, and more dollars circulated in the local economy. 

NSPARC reports that the average annual salary increases $1,351 up arrow for               2012-2013.

  FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014  
NonDuplicated Trainees 5252 6546 6065 4790  
Duplicated Trainees 11,285 15,167 12,997 11,658 Some trainees attend multiple training events
Certifications 1402 1890 2609 2854  

The certification numbers represent industry-recognized and nationally recognized certifications that are required for employment at business and industry, and awarded as a result of completing specialized training or a licensure exam.


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