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The Counseling and Recruiting Office at Mississippi Delta Community College is located in the Boggs-Scroggins Student Services Building and supports the mission and philosophy of MDCC by contributing to the learning process and educational experiences of currently enrolled and prospective students. Our objective is to respond to the educational, personal, and psychological needs of students that may result from the complexities involved in college enrollment and/or the preparation for college attendance. Further, we are dedicated and committed to understanding, honoring, and promoting the enhancement of student development. We offer a wide range of student support services and counsel students who seek help in a variety of areas. Specifically, these areas include:

• Academic and Educational Advising
• Transfer Information
• Personal Growth Issues
• Transition Issues
• Crisis Intervention
• Referrals

Our commitment to the support of students, faculty, and staff and the enhancement and healthy functioning of the college is reflected in the professional development and educational services provided by the Counseling, Recruiting, & Advising Office which include:

• New Student Orientation
• Recruitment
• Educational Presentations and Workshops
• Professional Consultation and Training
• Curriculum Advising


The Counseling Process

Mississippi Delta Community College offers personal and academic counseling and referral services for students, faculty, and staff. Below is some information about the counseling process and our policies.

Your Initial Appointment (Intake): We want to provide prompt service, but sometimes you may have to wait before your appointment. If you need assistance before your appointment, please feel free to call or come to the Office of Counseling, Recruiting, & Advising and ask to speak to a Counselor.

Emergency Assistance: As always, if you need emergency help from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., you can always come to the Counseling Office or call us at 246-6361. After hours and on weekends, you can call the MDCC Police at 246-8011. You may also contact Life Help Mental Health Center 24 hours a day at 662-453-6211. If you have thoughts that you might hurt yourself or someone else it is extremely important that you tell someone, and seek assistance.

Your Counselor: The counselors at MDCC staff are professional licensed counselors. We want you to have confidence in your counselor, so feel free to inquire about your counselor's background and training.

The Process of Counseling: The experience of counseling varies depending on the counselor, the client, and the particular concerns, which the client brings. In general, the process involves you speaking about your issues openly and honestly, while your counselor listens to you attentively and respectfully, asks you questions, and works with you collaboratively to address your issues. You should expect to be able to discuss with your counselor any concerns you have, whether about your problems or about the process of counseling itself. While your counselor will help you meet your goals, he or she might not tell you what to do. Rather, you will both work to energize your strengths and to help you make the best decisions and take action to improve your life. If you do not feel satisfied with the progress that you are making in counseling, or with any aspect of the counseling process, share your concerns with your counselor.

Length of Services: The MDCC Office of Counseling, Recruiting, & Advising, like most college counseling centers, generally provides short-term services. If it appears that longer-term services are appropriate, your counselor will assist you in locating an off-campus provider.

Evaluation of Services: We value feedback regarding our services. In addition to any verbal feedback you wish to give us, we would encourage you to fill out our anonymous evaluation forms, which are presented to clients at various times during the semester. Your comments are used as a basis for modifying and improving our services. Feel free to share suggestions, complaints, or compliments with your counselor or the Director of Counseling at any time.


Confidential Services: The Counselors at MDCC have a strong commitment to keeping the information you share confidential. Confidential information is kept securely at the Counseling Office and is only shared with other Counseling staff for the purposes of professional consultation. Counseling information must remain confidential and secure except in certain rare situations (listed below), or unless you indicate in writing that you wish the information to be communicated to specific persons outside the Office.

Exceptions to Confidentiality: Exceptions to confidentiality sometimes arise, but they are rare. These exceptions are designed to preserve health and safety. They include: 1) Cases of severe imminent physical or psychological danger to yourself or another. 2) Cases of suspected child or elder abuse. 3) Extremely rare instances when a court subpoenas Counseling records. If we ever need to act on one of these exceptions, we will do so in a caring manner, and will try to include you in the process whenever possible.

Career Services: The Career Center is located in the Boggs-Scroggins Student Services Building. The Career Center is here to help you decide on your major, choose a career, or provide guidance on how to be successful in the world of work. If you have questions about your career or your major, we would be happy to make a referral to the career counselor.

If you have any questions, feel free to discuss them with your counselor or a staff member from the Office of Counseling, Recruiting, and Advising.

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