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About the GHEC

The Greenville Higher Education Center (GHEC) is a collaborative effort of two state-supported higher education institutions: Mississippi Delta Community College (MDCC) and Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU).

Located south of Greenville, Mississippi, on Highway 1, the three-story facility provides over 85,000 square feet of assignable space. Not only does the GHEC have eighteen classrooms and two art classrooms, it also has a distance learning classroom, a multi-purpose classroom, four conference rooms, a writing center, five computer labs, a nursing lab, and five science labs. The GHEC also houses a bookstore, a food court, a catering kitchen, a library, two gallery areas with over 1000 sq. feet each, and thirty-five offices.


GHEC Main Office Phone: (662) 332-8500 Fax: (662) 332-8532
MDCC Office Phone:  (662) 332-8011 Fax: (662) 378-5349    
MVSU Office Phone: (662) 332-8389 Fax: (662) 332-8685

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