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Student Success
Center of Learning

Student Success
Center of Learning

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The Student Success Center of Learning is available to help students succeed in all of their classes at Mississippi Delta Community College, from their first day on campus all the way to Graduation Day! 

The Student Success Center of Learning offers free tutoring to all MDCC students and virtual tutoring through Zoom to those not attending the Moorhead campus. Tutoring is available for any subject that students need additional support in. The Center of Learning also provides computers, a printer, a copier, and a catalogue of textbooks that students can utilize during operating hours. This program provides both academic and support services that are consistent with the College’s overall mission.



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Campus Location Phone
Moorhead Student Success Center of Learning,
Stanny Sanders Library
(662) 246-6251
Greenville Higher Education Center Library (662) 332-8467
Greenwood MDCC Greenwood Center (662) 453-7377