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Empowering Your Educational, Career, and Personal Goals

Mississippi Delta Community College offers academic, career, and personal counseling for students. Counseling supports the college’s mission by helping to alleviate barriers to student success. 

Counselors are available at all MDCC sites, Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm.

location counselor contact information
GREENVILLE Pamela Venton, M.Ed. Counseling GHEC Office 139
GREENWOOD Katie Jones, P-LPC, M.Ed. School Counseling Greenwood Center
MOORHEAD Nakeshia Fipps, Ed.S. School Counseling, M.Ed. Counselor Education

Counseling and Disability Support Services Coordinator
Stanny Sanders Library,
Office 103
(near Student Success Center of Learning)


Emergency Help

Call Life Help Mental Health Center 24 hours a day at 662-453-6211-extension 0, the MDCC Police at 246-8011, or 911. If you have thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else, tell someone, and seek help. MDCC cares.
Crisis Support Text Line
For more information, visit

What to Expect

A counseling session is about you: You’re the boss. The counselor’s job is to listen and help guide you to where you want to go. The client and counselor together create a relationship. If you come prepared to discuss goals and what matters to you the most, you will benefit more from your session than if you take a backseat.


Length of Service

Like most college counseling centers, MDCC generally provides brief, solution-focused services. Some issues may take several sessions to work through. Should long-term services be appropriate, your counselor can assist you in finding an off-campus provider.



Counseling information must remain confidential and secure; nothing is shared with anyone without your written permission except in specific legal exceptions listed below, or unless you indicate in writing that you wish the information to be communicated to specific persons outside the Office.

Exceptions to Confidentiality:
  1.  Clear and imminent physical or psychological danger to Yourself;
  2.  Clear and imminent danger to Another – every attempt will be made to warn the person;
  3.  Cases of suspected abuse of a Vulnerable Person – i.e., child, elder, disabled;
  4.  Court Subpoenas – legal advice to comply will be sought and followed.