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Office of Human Resources


Mailing Address

Mississippi Delta Community College
Attn: Human Resources
P. O. Box 668
Moorhead, MS 38761


Waunita Roberts Jones
Director of Human Resources
Stauffer-Wood Administration Building,
Suite 144 | Office 145
662-246-6390 (phone)
662-246-6392 (fax)

Kassandra Williams
Administrative Assistant/
New Hire Intake Clerk
Stauffer-Wood Administration Building,
Office 144
662-246-6241 (phone)
662-246-6392 (fax)

The mission of the Office of Human Resources is to provide the following quality services to employees of Mississippi Delta Community College:

• A safe and healthy working environment

• Inspiration and encouragement for a high level of employee morale through recognition, effective communication, and constant feedback

• Promote personal accountability

• Promote trust and mutual respect

• Promote/provide fair treatment of faculty/staff

• Recruitment of qualified individuals

• Retention of valuable employees

• Training, development, and education to promote individual success and increase overall value to the organization.