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Leigh Lovelace

Leigh Lovelace
Delta Fit Coordinator

MDCC hired Leigh Lovelace as Delta Fit Coordinator in August 2016. Mrs. Lovelace received her bachelor's degree from Mississippi State University in Fitness Management and her master's degree from Delta State University in Physical Education and Health.  Her career has been focused on the health and wellness of adults and children.  Her expertise comes as a physical education teacher in the school setting as well as experience as a wellness center instructor and director.

Corey Smith
Assistant Delta Fit Coordinator

Mrs. Corey Smith, Director of Special Events and Nutrition Instructor, serves as the Assistant Delta Fit Coordinator. Mrs. Smith received a bachelor's degree and master's degree in Family Consumer Science, with an emphasis in nutrition in meal management. She has a culinary arts background and currently teaches nutrition at MDCC. Additionally, she had the administrative capacity to assist in the planning and implementation of events.