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Courses are available in Freshman Composition (Comp. I and II), American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, Film as Literature, and Creative Writing. Most majors require Comp. I, Comp. II, and at least one literature class; other classes that are not in the student’s core can be taken as electives. Three Philosophy and Bible courses are also offered: Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey and Jesus and the Gospels. These electives are available to all students.

What can I do with an English degree?

If you major in English at MDCC, you could certainly go on to become a writer or teacher.  However, there are many other avenues that an English degree can open up for you.  English majors learn skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking that can be applied to a wide range of fields.  Many English majors go on to study law, journalism, communication, or advertising, but the only limit to what you can do with an Associate’s Degree in English is your imagination!

Course Check Sheet

Dawn Herring

Dawn Herring

Department Chair for English, Humanities, Life Skills and Education / Instructor
Office: Tanner 206

Jenni Hargett

Jennifer "Jenni" Hargett

English Instructor
Office: Horton 133

Elizabeth Melton

Elizabeth Melton

English Instructor
Office: Greenville Higher Education Center

Brandi Pillow

Brandi Pillow

English Instructor
Office: Horton 262


Yvette Randle

English Instructor
Office: Horton 119