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Health, Physical Education & Recreation


The mission of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation focuses on 1) developing awareness and understanding of the various benefits associated with exercise, health, nutrition sport and dance; 2) graduating students who are capable of fulfilling leadership roles in the education, exercise, health, nutrition, leisure, and sport industries in highly diverse communities; 3) providing an understanding of exercise, health, nutrition, sport related issues; and 4) providing a workforce to local areas and communities.

Course Check Sheet



Name POSITION Location Phone Email
Burnadette McDonald Division Chair, Instructor J.T. Hall Coliseum 662-246-6474

Vanessa Farrell Instructor J.T. Hall Coliseum 662-246-6252

Jeff Tatum Athletic Director / Head Football Coach J.T. Hall

Tangela Banks Head Women's Basketball Coach J.T. Hall Coliseum 662-246-6474

Michael Turner Assistant Football Coach J.T. Hall Coliseum 662-246-6480