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Drafting & Design Technology

The curriculum of the Drafting and Design Technology Program is designed to impart technical knowledge and engender manipulative skills in the use of construction and drafting equipment and procedures. The knowledge and skills mastered in this program are important for the design and production of plans for industry, manufacturing, and construction. Emphasis is placed on subjects such as scientific design, job specifications, building codes as well as drafting. Both creative and practical training are offered in such a manner that a student who successfully completes this two-year program is competent for employment in a variety of positions.

Some of the many jobs available to persons completing this program include: architectural or engineering draftsman, appraiser and inspector, estimator, layout and supervision, mapping surveyor, and junior engineer.

Admission Requirements

Students must submit a composite score of 14 or higher on the ACT. A minimum ACT score of 14 is also required on the mathematical usage and reading sections. Students who do not have an ACT score, must score at the 9th grade level or higher on the TABE, Form 9/10.  Exceptions may be made with instructor permission for students that do not meet entrance requirements. In addition to these ACT requirements, re-admit or transfer students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA. No student may enroll in advanced semesters without satisfactory completion of prior semester courses.

Completion options are a Advanced Technical Certificate and an Associate of Applied Science degree.


Course Check Sheets

Advanced Technical Certificate
Associate of Applied Science


For more information, contact

Bubba Pilgrim

Ernest "Bubba" Pilgrim

Drafting & Design Instructor / Career-Technical Chair
Office: Allen-Foley Career-Technical Center

Garrott Lang

Charles "Garrott" Lang

Drafting & Design Instructor
Office: AF 120