MDCC - Readmission Policy

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Policy on Readmission to Health Science Programs

A student may be considered for readmission to a specific health science program one time only.  This applies to courses in any respective health science program, whether at MDCC or at another institution.  The only exception may be: a student who had a passing grade in the classroom and clinical setting, but was forced to withdraw due to illness, accident, pregnancy, or family crisis may be considered for a second readmission.

Each student requesting readmission into a health science program will be considered on an individual basis.  The student should contact the appropriate program director/supervisor for the readmission procedure.  Space must be available in the class and clinical setting. No precedent will be set by the decision of an admissions committee.

At the discretion of the Dean of Health Sciences, with the recommendation of the Admission Committee, a student requesting readmission to a health science program may be required to take a challenge exam to assess placement.  It may be necessary for the applicant to repeat courses.