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Health Sciences Substance Use Policy

Mississippi Delta Community College (“MDCC”) and its Health Sciences Department recognize that substance abuse is a significant public health problem in the United States, and that drug overdose is now a leading cause of death among Americans under 50 years of age.  Abuse and misuse poses health risks, potential legal violations, and affects many individuals, including health care providers and patients. 

Abuse or misuse may affect the ability of a health care provider to deliver safe, high-quality care. This policy promotes and assists the student’s ability to maintain personal and professional integrity and facilitates the student’s success both clinically and didactically.  This policy promotes a healthy learning environment for the student.  In the clinical and laboratory setting, this policy enhances patient safety and meets the mandated clinical requirements set forth by the clinical facilities utilized by MDCC.

It is the goal of MDCC to maintain an environment that is free from the abuse or misuse of intoxicants that impair mental acuity or physical dexterity in the classroom, lab, and/or clinical settings.  It is our belief that a substance/drug free environment benefits the students and employees of MDCC as well as the surrounding community. MDCC Health Sciences will not tolerate abuse or misuse of drugs or alcohol while on any MDCC campus or clinical affiliate or as a student of any MDCC Health Sciences program.   

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