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Student Complaints

MDCC is committed to creating and maintaining a community where students, faculty, administration, and staff can work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, functioning in one accord, with institutional policies and procedures. A student may use the procedures as outlined in the Institution’s Catalog/Student Handbook for instructional and non-instructional complaints.

Non-Student Complaints

Non-students should submit programmatic complaints in writing (handwritten/signed or electronically submitted/signed) to the PTA program director. If the complaint is about the program director, the complaint should be addressed to the Division Chair of Health Sciences who will take the same course of action described in this paragraph. If satisfactory resolution is not reached between a non-student and the program director (or Division Chair of Health Sciences), the complaint will be submitted to the Chair of Health Sciences who, at his/her discretion, may involve additional personnel or administration to reach resolution. Non-students who have issues regarding non-discrimination, compliance, and institutional policies and procedures will be encouraged to follow the processes outlined in the institution’s policies and procedures. Copies formal complaints will be maintained in the program director's office. Complaints that are submitted anonymously are not considered to be formal complaints and no formal action will be taken.  The program director (and/or Division Chair of Health Sciences) will work to ensure there is prohibition of retaliation against complainants. 

For non-student complaints about the institution, please refer to page 57 of the institution’s policies and procedures which are available online.

Other Complaints

Click here to file a complaint with CAPTE regarding accreditation compliance of educational programs.
Click here to file a complaint about CAPTE with matters relating to programs that are accredited or are seeking accreditation.