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Pregnancy Policy


Female applicants are encouraged to read the pregnancy policy.

Female students who become pregnant or suspect pregnancy are encouraged by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) to notify the Program Director or Instructor immediately! Notification must be made in writing. A student has the right to not declare her pregnancy, in which case, the student will be treated as though she were not pregnant. Once a student has declared her pregnancy, she also has the right to undeclare her pregnancy at any time and would be treated as though she was not pregnant. This is in accordance with Federal and State laws. Confidentiality is assured if necessary. 

Students who have declared the pregnancy will receive counseling concerning continuation of studies during pregnancy. Pregnancy is not grounds for dismissal, but radiation exposure should be limited during this time for the protection of the fetus. Radiation overdose in the first trimester has been known to cause birth defects and health problems. This is of utmost importance to the health of the unborn child.  The radiation dose to the expectant mother (and fetus) must not exceed 0.5 rem during the entire period of gestation.

Below are the recommendations concerning the student’s progression in the program:

  • Students who become pregnant while in the program will be given the option of withdrawing. She may return at a later date as determined by the student and Program Director. (option 1)
  • Pregnant students who chose not to withdraw from the program must acknowledge in writing having received counseling and assume all risk for possible damage to the unborn fetus. The student will be offered a monitoring device to wear at waist level to monitor fetal exposure during gestation. Readings will be monitored closely by the Program’s Radiation Safety Officer. The student will continue in the program and have the option of performing all required procedures (option 2) or proceed with limitations in fluoroscopy, portables, surgery, etc. and make up missed rotations after delivery. (option 3)
  • Second year students will be given the option of completing the didactic portion of the program and withdrawing from the clinical courses. Clinical will be resumed as soon as feasible after the baby’s birth, but the student must make up clinical days missed in excess of clinical absences allowed. First year students do not have this option because the clinical and didactic classes are too close in correlation. (option 4 only for second year students)
  • Undeclare Pregnancy (option 5) (must be made in writing)

Click here for the Pregnancy Declaration Form