MDCC - What is a Radiographer?

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What is a Radiographer?

A radiologic technologist (radiographer) is a skilled professional that is qualified to perform imaging examinations and radiologic procedures at the request of physicians. The radiographer functions to ensure consistent radiographic images with minimal exposure to personnel and patients.

Some of the many fields available to students completing this program include:

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
uses ultrasonic waves to image various areas of the body for diagnostic purposes

Radiation Therapy Technologist
provides treatment for various diseases, most commonly cancer, through the use of radiation and chemicals

Nuclear Medicine Technologist
uses radioactive isotopes to assist in disease diagnosis

Mammography Technologist
performs breast imaging

Cardiovascular Interventional Technologist
provides for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system

Computed Tomography Technologist
uses a computer with x-rays to produce cross-sectional images for diagnostic purposes

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist
uses a magnetic field and radio frequency waves to image various planes of the body for diagnostic purposes

Radiologist Assistant
advanced-level radiographer who assists the radiologist in enhancing patient care